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What We Do & Our Mission

Our mission at Draws For A Cause is to provide children in Central America with underwear. Underwear is a necessity that everyone should have and Draws For A Cause works to ensure that children in Central America have access to this vital necessity.
When our 14-year old founder, Kina Desai, went on a field study and volunteered with many children from Central America, she was surprised to see how many lacked basic necessities, such as underwear. Whether they only had one dirty pair or none at all, Draws for a Cause works to provide children, ages 4-12, in Central America with underwear. For every pair of underwear you purchase, a pair of that same design and quality will go to a child in need in Central America.
Underwear is a basic necessity but is also one that is commonly overlooked and taken for granted. When the choice comes between clothing and underwear to families in need or those donating, the common choice is clothing. One may not realize it, but underwear comes with many benefits that should not be overlooked, including confidence, dignity, comfort, and a lower amount of infection and irritation. Despite having numerous benefits and being a vital necessity, underwear is understandably not the top priority of those in need or those donating, thus resulting in many children in need going without underwear. Seeing as how underwear is overlooked and lacked by many, Draws For A Cause works to provide underwear to children in need. With one purchase of our underwear for children ages four through twelve, you can help provide a pair to a child in need in Central America.
Founder Kina Desai with Draws For A Cause Underwear

Photo by Axel Koester

Draws For A Cause

Draws For A Cause

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